Emerald Lakes

Emerald Lakes is just off of Etheridge Manor Boulevard in Chesapeake, part of a collection of neighborhoods in the area. Boasting miles of surrounding sidewalks, and parks within the neighborhood, Emerald Lakes is an ideal neighborhood for families of all sizes. A look out your Emerald Lakes home window anytime of day will be that of a peaceful community with joggers, a baby stroller every now and then, a toddler learning how to ride a bike, and a grand sense of community.

Emerald Lakes is listed as one of the City of Chesapeake’s major park centers, and it is dog, on leash, friendly. – Meaning, you don’t have to stand outside of the park areas with your pooch while the kids play, your pooch is welcome to play too! -As long as he remains leashed.

Emerald Lakes is just moments from the 90 acre Centerville Park on Centerville Turnpike South. Currently, the park contains eleven soccer fields. Developing more of the park is in the works. Future plans for the park include a dog park, BMX / skate park, and a new community center.

Chesapeake’s newest golf course, Battlefield Golf Club, is moments up the street from Emerald Lakes with rolling hills, beautiful fairways, water hazards and bunkers. So, if you enjoy a challenge, and golf is your game, with Emerald Lakes moments away, it may be the neighborhood for you.

Much history lies within the Great Bridge / Hickory area of Chesapeake, which is home to Emerald Lakes. Folks were traveling the land where Emerald Lakes now sits as early as the 1700′s. Centerville Baptist Church began as a Sunday School around 1782, and is only a mile or so from Emerald Lakes. By 1935 a two-story brick church was built to replace the first wooden one. Construction of the sanctuary today began in 1975. The church grounds cover twenty-seven acres!

If you would like to view a home in Emerald Lakes or any of neighborhoods in the collection off of Etheridge Manor Boulevard, please call Keffer Realty. We would love to assist you in making your dreams a reality!


  1. S Lawrence says:

    Emerald Lakes, is a great location in the Great Bridge area especially when you want your kids in the Hickory High School area.

  2. Lester Hoddington says:

    Emerald Lakes is in a nice location. I love Great Bridge and I would really like my kids to go to the schools around there, just like the other guy said. My wife and I have been looking in the area and now we will also be looking in Emerald Lakes.

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