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Downtown Norfolk’s Nauticus is every child’s fantasy with interactive science and technology everywhere you look! Children and adults both can explore all aspects of the sea. Also housed at Nauticus is the Battleship Wisconsin! Jump aboard the Wisconsin for some real adventure and see things that you have never seen up close before. Also, while you are at Nauticus visit one of the HD films on a giant screen, go say hello to the sharks, and before you leave, make sure you visit the Hampton Roads Naval Museum!

Nauticus is located on Waterside Drive in Downtown Norfolk,  there is an admission fee. Large groups receive discounts, so grab everyone you know for a great day of nautical fun! -and it will take just about a day to see everything that Nauticus has to offer…. set aside at least 5 hours!

 According to the Nauticus website, one of the greatest attractions allows you to be challenged to match wits with America’s best ship designers on the eve of World War II in a race against time to create the greatest battleship ever. -What boy or man wouldn’t like to be a part of that challenge?

The admission fees for Nauticus range from FREE to nearly $30.00 depending on what type of tour you would like to take. There are several admissions packages available. There is an onsite café that offers sandwiches, salads, snacks, beverages.

Now for some history! Did you know that Nauticus is often referred to as “The house that Jack built”? Well, it is, and here is why. Rear Admiral Jackson Knowles Parker USN (Ret) was the Founding Executive Director. It was “Jack’s” job to gather funds, raise money, and get the plans going for building Nauticus. Construction began in February 1992, just down the street from Waterside Market Place, and Nauticus opened to the public in June 1994. Unfortunately, “Jack” passed away just weeks before Nauticus saw its first patron. “Jack” never got to see the end result of his hard work, but Nauticus is still known as “The house that Jack built”.

The USS Wisconsin is one of four Iowa-class battleships constructed by the U.S. Navy. The Wisconsin was constructed around 1942 and commissioned in 1944. The Wisconsin earned five battle stars for service against Japanese in World War II. Also serving during the Korean War, the Wisconsin still had some fight left in her. She led the Navy’s surface attack on Iraq in 1991, firing the first Tomahawk Missile. Finally in 1996, the Wisconsin was decommissioned and retired to the Naval Inactive Reserve Fleet in Portsmouth, Virginia.

On April 16, 2010, 66 years from the day the Wisconsin was commissioned, the United States Navy transferred ownership of the vessel to the city of Norfolk, Virginia, with a grand ceremony.

There is much more history to be learned, and you can start with a visit to Downtown Norfolk. While you are in the area, look around at the beautiful condos, town homes, and single family homes. You may just discover that city life is for you. If you would like to view a property in Downtown Norfolk, or the surrounding area, just give us a call. We would love to assist you in your home buying search, free of charge!

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