Painting Story to Ponder

When I was building custom homes a couple of decades ago, I built one for a very particular couple in an exclusive Virginia Beach community. The Missus spent a lot of time planning exactly how her house was supposed to look. Everything had to be perfect, mostly custom made, and if possible different from whatever any of the neighbors had.

Being of artistic bent, this lady mixed various tints to get exactly the colors she wanted each room and accent painted. She then painted a sample piece of wood for the painter to match.

The painter, an easy going old timer, followed her around the house as she explained exactly how she wanted each room painted. She handed him the samples as they toured, his only comments being “Uh-Huh”, “Yeah” or “No problem.”

Before he left I tried to impress upon him that it was imperative that he match her samples as nearly as possible because she was a stickler for getting what she wanted and not shy about demanding that something be re-done if it didn’t meet her expectations.

He responded, “No problem.”

I held my breath when she came in to inspect the job after he’d finished.

From room to room she advanced, comparing the sample sticks she’d given Willie to the final result on the walls and trim. They matched perfectly. She was satisfied…deigning to even bestow a rare complement on the job he’d done.

After she’d left I added my own admiration to hers, telling Willie that I’d been a bit nervous about matching all that different paint and asked him how he’d been able to get such a close match everywhere.

He looked at me like I was stupid and said, “Alan, I’ve been doing this a long time. I painted the sample sticks too.”


  1. Billy B says:

    Love it!

  2. Ashley M says:

    Very smart man! That’s just great!

  3. S. Cannon says:

    Absolutely got a great laugh!

  4. Frank Carrito says:

    Funny Story!

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