Story of the Day – Fluffy

Two brothers grew up to be confirmed bachelors, the elder of whom became a very successful but dandified fella who enjoyed the finer things of life while the younger brother was a beer drinking, pool-playing, happy-go-lucky semi-layabout. Despite their differences in taste and ambition they remained close.

The successful brother had a cat, Fluffy, whom he dearly loved and when he took his annual vacation to Paris he left the cat with his brother with explicit instructions that he should send a wire every day to let him know how the cat was doing. This went on for several years without event.

Then one summer the elder brother was sitting in the sun on the west bank of the Seine enjoying life when he received a three word telegram from his brother back home.

“Your Cat Died”

The vacationing brother was devastated. He terminated his vacation immediately and took the Concorde back to the states and went directly from the airport to his brother’s house.

“How could you do this to me?” he bawled to his brother as soon as the door opened, “You knew how much I loved Fluffy. Why couldn’t you have broken the news to me gently? Why didn’t you telegram that Fluffy was on the roof and then the next day telegram that she had fallen off, and the next that she wasn’t doing very well and the vet was worried and then by the time you telegramed me the dreadful news of her demise several days later I would have been emotionally prepared.”

His brother was truly sorry and apologized profusely for being so unthoughtful and promised that in the future he would be more considerate of his older brother’s feelings.

Well the elder brother bought another cat and came to love it as deeply as he had loved Fluffy and the routine of annual vacations to Paris while the cat stayed with his brother resumed.

Then one summer the elder brother was sitting in the sun on the west bank of the Seine enjoying life and he received a telegram with three lines.

“The weather’s fine

The cat’s fine

Mom’s on the roof.”

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