Jerome’s Ticket – Story of the day

Uncle Jerome and Aunt Tildy were driving through Kilkenny Holler in their old Ford sedan last Saturday night, on thier way home from the Moose Lodge when Uncle Jerome heard the siren and saw the flashing blue lights behind him. He pulled to the curb and watched in his mirror as the Sheriff got himself and his belly out of the car and walked up to Jerome’s window.

“Hello Sheriff, what’d I do?”, Uncle Jerome asked.

“Gol-durn it, Jerome,” the Sheriff exclaimed, “you know better than to drive through town at that speed. This is a 25 mile an hour zone and I’ll bet you were doing every bit of 50.”

Aunt Tildy leaned way over, looked up at the Sheriff and announced, “He was doing every bit of 60, Sheriff, I told him to slow down.”

The Sheriff went on, “and you ran the red light back there. I hate to do it but I gotta write you a ticket.”

“The red light?? Sheriff, I swear I didn’t run the red light.” Uncle Jerome protested.

Aunt Tildy leaned over again, “Sheriff, he did too run that light and it had been red some time before he run it.”

At that the Sheriff leaned down, and asked, “Tildy, do you always fuss with Jerome like this?”

“Only when he’s been drinkin’ Sheriff, only when he’s been drinkin’.”

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