Albemarle Farms North

Welcome to Albemarle Farms North, a custom built neighborhood on beautiful lots full of family history.

Before 1977 Albemarle Farms North was farmland, consisting of open fields, and an ancient graveyard under a lone cedar tree. However, the land where Albemarle Farms North is located has a much greater history. A history of families.

Let’s take a step back and learn, in summary, how this area went from family farm land to a peaceful family community.

In 1858 Napoleon B. Parsons began to purchase what would end in being a 54 acre parcel. Passing away in approximately 1889, without a will, his family could not agree on what to do with the land. Columbus Parsons, one of his sons, filed suit. The court ruled that the land should be sold and the proceeds split between Napoleon’s heirs.

At the public auction of Napoleon’s property in 1890, brothers John, B.O., and D.F. Fentress acquired the 54 acre forest of giant cypress trees for $275.00. The cypress trees on this property left stumps so large that tractors could be parked on the stumps! The Fentress Brothers owned the land for approximately 15 years.

In 1905, an Ohio man named William Brownlee had taken a job at the cypress mill in Moyock, NC. On his way to Moyock, he saw the Fentress brothers land was for sale. He purchased all 54 acres for $1400.00, deeding it to his wife Eliza Jane Brownlee.

Skipping ahead a bit, the land was then inherited by Eliza’s daughter, Viva Brownlee Swain, wife of Acey Swain. Hence, the land was now known as the “Swain Farm”. Following the death of Acey Swain, the family sold the property to John W. Keffer around 1977. The land was divided and a portion was sold and developed commercially where Food Lion now sits on the corner of Centerville Turnpike and Mt. Pleasant Road.

John Keffer developed Albemarle Farms North starting with School House Road. Hence the community street names -Slate Street, Blackboard Drive, and Inkwell Court. John made sure the lots were nice sized


  1. Quinton Ballance says:

    Albemarle Farms North has to be one of the quietest neighborhoods I have ever been in. You are right, the homes are well maintained and it is a great community to raise kids.

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