The College Park area holds a secret behind all of those car dealerships and commercial buildings on Military Highway, very near the Greenbrier area…. Ipswich, developed in the 1970′s, consists of approximately 200 cozy homes averaging 1400 square feet of comfortable living space in a townhouse community.

The family community of Ipswich features a lovely club house for residents to host parties or hold meetings, as well as a crystal blue community swimming pool with a lifeguard on duty. Both the swimming pool and the club house are situated next to one another in the center of the community for all to enjoy.

The Ipswich TownVilla Association provides an informative website, which also acts as a community social network. The Ipswich social network site requires residents to register for its use. Some public information is available on the site, but much of it is private to the residents of Ipswich. The Ipswich TownVilla Association has several committees which include a nominating committee, a recreation committee, a maintenance committee, publicity committee, an audit committee, and an architectural committee.

Most of the comfortable Ipswich homes include convenient attached garages for your treasured vehicle or for extra storage space that may be needed, sufficient driveway space, three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms or more, and fireplaces.

There are plenty of shopping and dining locations nearby to Ipswich. Greenbrier Mall is just around the corner. Across the street from the mall, you have Target, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Boston Market, Buffalo Wild Wing, and many many other shops. Up Military Highway from Ipswich, you will find Roses, Dollar Tree, several gas stations, Burlington Coat Factory, K-Bee Toys, Food Lion, and more. Just outside of Ipswich, within walking distance, you will find McDonalds, a Mexican restaurant, and several car dealerships.

The young ones of Ipswich attend Indian River Middle School and Indian River High School, which are very close by. Indian River High School is home of the “Braves”. You may have read about Oscar Smith High School and Great Bridge High School in some of our other blogs… Well, the “Braves” have a long standing rivalry with both of those Chesapeake schools.

Some notable alumni from Indian River High School are Alonzo Mourning of the NBA, I’m sure we’ve all heard of him. How about on Saturday night when you are relaxing on the couch, maybe you recognize the name Jay Pharoah “Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night!”. -And I’m sure no other Indian River High School graduate has made more left turns than Ricky Rudd of NASCAR.

If you would like to view one of the fine town homes in Ipswich, just call Keffer Realty. We have worked in Ipswich before, and would love to do it again… We would love to make your home ownership dreams come true. Our services are always free to buyers, so don’t hesitate to call!


  1. Erin P says:

    I went back there once by accident. Had no idea Ipswich was back there, and I bet alot of other folks don’t know either. Good article.

  2. Fay Marks says:

    I have some friends who lived in Ipswich, and I didn’t know it was back there, until they moved there either. I think it looks like a good starter community or a great place for someone who is downsizing. I’ve always thought I would enjoy living in Ipswich. Greenbrier is a nice area.

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