Leslie Swartz, Justice of the Peace ~ Almost

Poppa Swartz  left Pennsylvania around the turn of the century and moved his family to Michigan. When he saw folks burying pipes four and five feet in the ground to avoid winter freezing he declared “This is no place for the Swartz family” and promptly moved them south to Norfolk County, Virginia.

His son, Leslie, was as wild as most young fella’s are, enjoyed riding his horse past E.L. Miller’s store at breakneck speed just to make the old man exclaim at the foolishness of youngsters. Oh, times how they don’t change.

But oh time, how it does pass on. Leslie grew up, married, and took over the family farm on Mt. Pleasant Rd. He plowed the straightest furrows and grew the tallest corn and was content.

Back then Justices of the Peace were elected and in an election in the early 1950′s there were three JP slots open and only two candidates running. A friend of Leslie’s wrote in Leslie’s name on the ballot on a lark and lo and behold, he won the third empty slot with one vote.

And declined to serve.


  1. Annie Sherman says:

    Cute story!

  2. Jay Rousch says:

    It really is a cute story, Annie, isn’t it! Sounds a little familiar!!! :) Only kidding!

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