Virginia Beach Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is without a doubt a  First Impression:

Similar to a friendship, we make first impressions of our friends and neighbors and sometimes the decision to like or not like what we see is made in a split second… whether its friends, or evaluating that dream home.  Its just not fair t make a decision by looking at the cover.  Sometimes we miss out on the very best dream home, but turning it down based on first impressions.

Now don’t mistake this, t he first impression is a very important point no matter whether you are a seller trying to get top dollar or a buyer trying to get away with a low ball offer.

Since curb appeal has a major effect on buyers we need to make every effort to make sure their first opinion is a good one.  If not it can hurt the wallet real bad.

So bottom line, we must keep the home tidy from beginning to end.  When the potential buyer first pulls up we need to be ready.  This readiness takes a lot of time and attention to detail but it is a very important point.

When the place on a casual look suggests that it is not cared for then the potential home owner suspects that many other routine maintenance items may also be going by the wayside.  This makes them look harder to find other things.  While a well kept home cuts down on the depth of inspection that the buyer will be giving you..  With a cared for home, you may get a once over… but mark my words if the home looks to be lacking in TLC the buyers will be going over it with a fine tooth comb.

Worse yet, they may just continue driving and you never get that chance for a second impression.

There are many things you can do to keep the home in tip top shape and improve the look of its curb appeal.

1. In my opinion, one of the first things a buyer looks at… following the yard is the condition of the gutters, are they full of leaves… are they falling down, are they in bad need of paint.  A nice cleaning of the gutters can do wonders for the overall curb appeal.

2. Watch out for wood rot.. this will worry them a lot, about what is the condition of the wood in areas we cannot see.  So be sure to quickly take care of any rotten wood and make sure the repair is professional looking.

3. If you have a fence make sure it is in good repair.  Either fix it up and paint it or get rid of it.

4. Do a complete touch up on all exterior pain, doors and window trim.

5. Make sure the trash container is not visible from the road and if it has an odor take care of it in short order.

A good agent will do a good inspection for you and offer suggestions which you really should heed as its for your benefit.

IF you are interested in browsing homes for sale, feel free to say on my website as long as you like.  My search engine is very friendly and is able to search daily for you and send you all the new homes coming on the market in you email each day… you can set it and forget it and be sure that you will never fail to be alerted when any new home enters the market in your neighborhood….  Below is a few homes that I have picked out for you that just came on the market today…. check them out..

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