Eagle Point Cahoon Plantation Chesapeake 55+

Eagle Pointe Cahoon Plantation Chesapeake (55+)

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are looking for a 55 and over space to roost, I have found the perfect place.  Its absolutely everything that a 55+ person could ever dream of.

What better place could you ever want to live than to be in a beautiful home surrounded by the most fantastic golf course imaginable… that is the Cahoon Plantation Golf Course at the beautiful Eagle Pointe.  It is an absolutely magnificent golf course in every way.  Eagle Pointe offers a life style that you can only dream of… many other areas have tried but Eagle Pointe has achieved one of the very best resort style communities that Hampton Roads has to offer.

It has been said many times before that living at Eagle Pointe is without a doubt living life to the very fullest extent that is possible.

The options that are presented to you is almost limitless… its just a matter of deciding just how active you want to be. You can assume a laid back style, or a truly active lifestyle.. either one awaits you at the Eagle POinte resort like atmosphere.

One of the things you will love is the fact that all the maintenance is taken care of for you allowing you more time to live life to the fullest.  And don’t you agree, you have worked hard all your life and you deserve the break that Eagle Pointe will afford you…

The low maintenance style allows you to avoid all the chores that you had at your old place, there will be no need for yard work, painting or gutter cleaning… its all taken care of by someone else… and you don’t even have to pay them when they are done..  wow what a deal!

Without a doubt, Eagle Pointe is well known for the most friendly neighbors in the Nation.  IF you can’t make friends in short order at Eagle Point it certainly will not be the fault of the great residents that are already there.  However if you a quiet uninvolved person then they will allow you to do that also.  Its all your choice and you are gonna love it… I guarantee it!

Eagle Pointe has a fantastic activities director and you will love all the choices that you are afforded and all you have to do is sit back and choose whatever activity that you enjoy the most.  Do you like Broadway shows at the Kennedy Center, how about a fishing trip in the Chesapeake Bay…. and there is so much more to come that you just will not believe what you are offered on a daily basis.

The very highlite of the Eagle Pointe experience is the most elegant and beautiful club that you can imagine… the Bay Club of Eagle Pointe… you will be amazed.. Much more awaits you, so come on board give us a call at Keffer Realty and we will find the dream retirement home that you truly deserve.  Meantime if you want to browse the color photos of units available at Eagle Point feel free to check out the link below.

Eagle Point Cahoon Plantation Chesapeake 55+

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