Super Tips for Showing Your Home

Super Tips for Showing Your Home

You may receive a call requesting a showing in the next ten minutes. The decision to allow the prospective buyers to view your home with short notice is yours. If you elect to cooperate with the showing, the following list of items  may be helpful especially since time is short:

Ok! Let’s go thru the drill… of showing your home with only a 10 minute notice.  Of course you do not have to accept such a short notice if you desire not to do so.  But what if that buyer is the one who would have purchased your home.  You just never know.. so if you can manage it why not go for it… Take a chance that this might be the live buyer you have been looking for.  Experience has shown that those buyers without patience to come back tomorrow are more likely to make that big decision today than those who readily respond to “Come back tomorrow at 10:00 am please.”

1. Ok first let’s get the Pets and the children outside of the house if possible. Sometimes weather will prevent that but do it whenever possible.  Sometimes they can run next door to the neighbor’s house if the neighbors don’t mind.

2. Now let’s get the television off and turn on some soft classical music and even that is sometimes distracting.. so keep it soft and low.

3. Maker sure you open any window blinds to let as much light in as possible and to allow as much viewing out the window as possible. Many window views make the house seem more roomy.  Only when the view thru the window is unsightly should you leave the blinds closed.

4. Make sure the overhead light in each room is on, even when plenty of light is coming thru the windows.

5. You can make it smell like cooking in progress, simply by placing a pan on the stove with a few drops of vanilla extract in the pan.

6. Be sure that any magazines and newspapers are picked up and put away in a closet or cabinet to reduce the effects of any clutter in the home.

7. Never let anyone come into the home without the beds being made and the entire bedroom all tidyed up. Do not stuff the closets full, even if you must hide stuff under the bed. Its unlikely anyone will look under the bed, but they will surely be checking out the closets as that is one of the more important areas for the woman.

8. In each bathroom make sure all toilet lids are closed and that they have been recently flushed.. especially if you have young childeren who do not always remember to flush.

9. On the exterior, make sure all walkways remain clear and that all water hoses are rolled up and neatly in place.  Be sure no toys or trashcans can cause a fall. You don’t need any lawsuits by potential buyers.

10. Be sure to let the realtor sell the home, when the owner is there the potential buyer usually feels uncomfortable looking in closests and most of the time they will not voice negative opinions to you while they would have done so to the realtor.  This valuable feedback that you can get from the realtor can help you do a better job of selling to the next potential buyer.

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