Juanita “Neady” Harris

Real estate has been the most interesting and rewarding career I’ve ever had.   I went to real estate school just to be company for my sister who wanted to go.  Throughout the entire course, I never intended to leave my chosen profession of court stenography.  We were told in real estate class that we would never survive in this business if we graduate and then just dabble in it.  I scoffed at such an opinion.  Of course dabbling would be no problem!  I could keep my day job and sell real estate if something fell my way.  It turned out that they were right.  It was no time at all before I was trying to juggle phone calls, schedule home inspections and talk to septic-inspection companies on my lunch break while sitting in my car in the parking lot of the courthouse.  Then I’d have to be back in front of the judge, ready to be a court reporter again.  I had to make a decision on which occupation I enjoyed more and that was definitely real estate.  I love meeting new people and helping them achieve their dreams of home ownership.

My background is that I was raised in a large family.  My parents had 10 children and I am Number 7 out of that flock.  Being born more towards the end of the line, I didn’t have it as tough growing up as my older brothers and sisters did.  Rules had relaxed some by then and so had the list of chores.  That made for a very happy, carefree childhood for me.  We lived and were members of the Mt. Pleasant Mennonite Church  & neighborhood. We never moved.  Our 91-year-old mother remains in our home place to this very day.  I live one street away from her.  As a lifelong member of the Mennonite church, I have become heavily involved in gospel music.  Nesting and homelife come quite naturally for me.  Daddy drilled it into our heads that it was almost sinful to rent a place to live.  He believed home ownership was the only way to go.

Keffer Realty is owned and operated by my big brother, Alan.  We work very well together.

Having been in the real estate business since 2008, I am fascinated by all the possibilities in this area for home buyers as well as for investors.  My husband has joined me in real estate, but in a different facet.  We’ve been married since 1979, have two grown and married sons, and two beautiful granddaughters.  Rick has been an electrician since 1980 and can do most anything else related to houses and construction.  He became self-employed in 2009 to fix up and rehab houses that we purchase.  I market them once they’re ready for a new family and we just keep the wheels turning.

Because of personally being in the business of “flipping houses”, I have attracted some investor clients.  I send them listings that might be of interest to them, help them write the offer, walk it to closing, sometimes give them ideas on what might make the property more attractive to a buyer and then market it for them when it’s ready.

My niche in real estate has been to find homes for young people just leaving their parents’ home.  My mothering instincts come out when assisting these people making the largest financial decision of their lives so far and I look after them as though they were my own children.  We find affordable houses in areas they are happy to live in.  I enjoy the hunt for a new home, the negotiating process, answering any questions along the way and keeping everything on schedule for my clients.  Most of all, I enjoy handing a happy new homeowner their very own keys to their new home on closing day!

Juanita “Neady” Harris, Agent
Cell 757-650-2130.

Alan M. Keffer, Broker
Keffer Realty
409 Slate St, Chesapeake, Va  23322
757-482-0171 (Office)  757-482-7416 (Fax)


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