About the Community

Hampton Roads is a sprawling community made up of Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News… it covers many miles of waterfront property and ocean front property.

Hampton Roads also boasts large military instillations. We are a community proud of our armed forces and welcome them to live in our home towns.

Each city in the Hampton Roads area is filled with stories of history. If you read many of the blog posts on our website, I bet you will learn alot of things you never knew (even if you have lived in Hampton Roads all of your life).

Chesapeake is home to many of the highly sought after communities in Hampton Roads, including the Hickory High School district of Chesapeake. The Hickory High School district borders all of the way to North Carolina. Despite Chesapeake’s present land-locked location some distance from its namesake bay there is an old connection. Chesapeake formed part of the original Norfolk County grant that comprised much of tidewater and did indeed border the Chesapeake Bay.

For those of you just moving to the area, one can spot a present native of Norfolk, and its surrounding environs, by his or her pronunciation of the city’s name in a millisecond; For only interlopers and pretenders ever pronounce it as it phonetically reads. True sons and daughters of the city will ever be from “Nawh-fulk”; accent on the first syllable, passing “l” in the second.

So, wander around our website, and you will feel like you are wandering around Hampton Roads. If there are any properties or areas you would like more information on, just give us a call or send us an email… Don’t forget, you can also leave comments and/or questions on each post. We will get back┬áto you in a snap!

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