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Well good for you, is the American dream and congratulations on taking the steps to get your part of it. Now…a coupla questions. Are you planning to fix it up and flip it or live there for 5 or more years before you move on and up or is this the house you’ll live in forever, building dreams, raising a family and making memories that will outlive you?

Silly questions perhaps, but the answers make a radical difference in how you should approach buying.

In short, if you’re planning to buy and flip (great idea right now), then you need something that demands a bit of work and is priced lower than whale droppings. I’ve been flipping houses for 20 years now and will be glad to share my experience, sub-contractors and more advice than you likely need. If you’re going to live there several years then you need be aware of the possibility/probability of price appreciation but if you’re gonna live there forever, buy what you can afford today that makes your eyes light up ’cause it doesn’t matter if you overpay or not, you’re creating home and history and your heirs won’t care what you paid for it.


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