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What is the Sales Commission Split?

Keffer Realty Agents receive 100% less a reasonable broker’s fee which is $600 the first five
transactions per year and $175 for each transaction thereafter.

Are there any other fees or costs?

Agents pay their own REIN fees, advertising and signs costs. REIN membership is a
requirement. There are no other “required” fees.

When do I get paid?

Your check is typically issued immediately upon receipt of the commission check and HUD-1.
As long as you bring your commission check by during regular business hours, you can walk
back out with your share of the commission in just a few minutes. We just need time to process
the payment! Funds can also be wired to your account, no extra charge.

Who pays the Realtor fees?

There are no realtor fees because Keffer Realty is not a member of the Board of Realtors. We’d
rather you spend that money on yourself.

Who sets the commission?

You do…so long as you stay within the guidlines which are simple…”don’t charge less than
nothing.” Other than that you negotiate commission with your buyers and sellers without need for
broker pre-approval.

What about referral commissions?

Because referral commissions are usually small, the broker fee is 20% of referral commissions.
Therefore, you get 80% of your referral commission, and Keffer Realty retains 20%.

Suppose I manage rental property?

That’s fine, we want agents who manage property and we have made big investments in software
and support structure to help you. The commission split for rental management fees is 80% to
you and 20% to Keffer Realty.

What do you provide for rental agents?

We handle rent receipts, payments to vendors, owners and you, issuance of 1099′s, offer owner &
tenant web portals, several apps including a neat home inspection feature for move-in/move-out.

What are the BPO commissions?

The BPO commission split at Keffer Realty is 90/10 – 90% to the Agent & 10% to Keffer Realty.
Your check is issued the same day we receive the check from the BPO company. Again, we will
also direct deposit your funds to your bank account for no charge.

I’m fresh out real estate school….

Our program is designed for self-starters who have some knowledge of the business and realize
they are the primary source of their leads and sales and would like to keep more of what they
earn. While we have some very successful agents who started fresh out of real estate school with
us, most find the training and support of the more traditional brokerage of benefit.

Other benefits of signing on with Keffer Realty…

On-line access to all of your documents, contracts, past sales. We store everything in the
cloud, accessible to you 24 hours a day from any computer.
No required sales meetings at Keffer Realty. We may hold an informational meeting every
now & then, but attendance is voluntary.
No dress code… You are an adult. You know how to dress for your clients, you do not need
us to tell you.
No “Floor Time” or “Desk Duty”… If you never want to step foot in the office, you don’t
have to. Most of our Agents work from home. You do need the ability to scan documents
etc.. from home. A printer/scanner/copier combo is almost a necessity in today’s real
estate world. If you do decide you would like an office space at Keffer Realty, we have
low cost spaces for rent.
You have access to the “spare” computer here at the office if you are in the neighborhood &
need to stop & print a few documents or look up a property.
You have 24/7 access to our conference room to meet with clients.
Your kids are welcome! Stopping by for a quick commission check pick up, or to use the
computer for a little bit? We realize this is the real world. The kids are welcome to come
by with you!
If you are looking for a laid back, hard working, casual atmosphere with 24/7 broker support,
this may be the place for you. If you have a contract question that needs answered
immediately, you will get an answer immediately…unless you call between 3 & 4
AM…that’s when I sleep.
Your agent agreement is at your pleasure. If you decide to move to another broker, you take
your listings and clients with you. That simple.
You can have a email address of your choice, free of charge which
automatically forwards to an email address of your choice.
Your picture and biography on our website to talk about yourself and what you can do for
potential clients, including your personal contact information. Free of charge.
You can work full time or part time or no time. You can truly be your own boss and work as
hard as you want or as little as you wish. Like most endeavors, the harder you work the
more you make.
You design & purchase their own business cards from whomever they please. Your clients
are coming to you more because they like and respect you than because you are a Keffer
Realty agent so let your creative self flourish.
We could go on & on about different perks of working with Keffer Realty, but we invite you to
call me, Alan Keffer, Principal Broker , 757-506-6564. Make an appointment to come in & see
if we’re a fit.


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