Virginia Beach School System

Virginia Beach School System.

I will be discussing the Virginia Beach School System with this article, and then provide links to all the homes located in each of the school districts. My hope is that this article will allow those who want to reside in the school districts so that their children may attend those schools.. and that is my main objective.

Without a doubt, the Virginia Beach Public school system is the biggest school division in the Hampton Roads area. GreatSchools website continually ranks the Virginia Beach School system as the 5th best large school division in the nation.

The school system is broken down into 11 high schools, 14 middle schools and 56 elementary schools.
There are a number of specialty schools including the Adult Learning Center, the Advanced Technology, the Renaissance Academy and finally the Technical and Career Education Center.
The school system server more than 8 million meals in the years 2011 thru 3012.

Of the student enrollment, kindergarten thru 12th grade totaled over 68,000 in 2012.
The school employs over 5,000 teachers with an average teaching experience of 15 years.

The salary of the teachers runs from 40 to 70 thousand dollars annually.

Below please find a list of links that will display all of the homes located near the specific schools and if you purchase a home in one of the listed areas your child will normally attend that specific school.

However please do not hold me to it, as school districts change continually and the only way to be
absolutely sure that the home is in the district necessary to attend a specific school must be determined by the school board on a case by case basis. Therefore before making any decision about homes in the school district please confirm with the school that the selected home will qualify.

Homes Located Near Bayside High School in Virginia Beach

Homes Located Near First Colonial High School in Virginia Beach

Homes Located Near Green Run High School in Virginia Beach

Homes Located Near Frank W. Cox High School in Virginia Beach

Homes Located Near Landstown High School in Virginia Beach

Homes Located Near Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach

Homes Located Near Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach

Homes Located Near Salem High School in Virginia Beach

Homes Located Near Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach

Homes Located Near Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach

Super Tips for Showing Your Home

Super Tips for Showing Your Home

You may receive a call requesting a showing in the next ten minutes. The decision to allow the prospective buyers to view your home with short notice is yours. If you elect to cooperate with the showing, the following list of items  may be helpful especially since time is short:

Ok! Let’s go thru the drill… of showing your home with only a 10 minute notice.  Of course you do not have to accept such a short notice if you desire not to do so.  But what if that buyer is the one who would have purchased your home.  You just never know.. so if you can manage it why not go for it… Take a chance that this might be the live buyer you have been looking for.  Experience has shown that those buyers without patience to come back tomorrow are more likely to make that big decision today than those who readily respond to “Come back tomorrow at 10:00 am please.”

1. Ok first let’s get the Pets and the children outside of the house if possible. Sometimes weather will prevent that but do it whenever possible.  Sometimes they can run next door to the neighbor’s house if the neighbors don’t mind.

2. Now let’s get the television off and turn on some soft classical music and even that is sometimes distracting.. so keep it soft and low.

3. Maker sure you open any window blinds to let as much light in as possible and to allow as much viewing out the window as possible. Many window views make the house seem more roomy.  Only when the view thru the window is unsightly should you leave the blinds closed.

4. Make sure the overhead light in each room is on, even when plenty of light is coming thru the windows.

5. You can make it smell like cooking in progress, simply by placing a pan on the stove with a few drops of vanilla extract in the pan.

6. Be sure that any magazines and newspapers are picked up and put away in a closet or cabinet to reduce the effects of any clutter in the home.

7. Never let anyone come into the home without the beds being made and the entire bedroom all tidyed up. Do not stuff the closets full, even if you must hide stuff under the bed. Its unlikely anyone will look under the bed, but they will surely be checking out the closets as that is one of the more important areas for the woman.

8. In each bathroom make sure all toilet lids are closed and that they have been recently flushed.. especially if you have young childeren who do not always remember to flush.

9. On the exterior, make sure all walkways remain clear and that all water hoses are rolled up and neatly in place.  Be sure no toys or trashcans can cause a fall. You don’t need any lawsuits by potential buyers.

10. Be sure to let the realtor sell the home, when the owner is there the potential buyer usually feels uncomfortable looking in closests and most of the time they will not voice negative opinions to you while they would have done so to the realtor.  This valuable feedback that you can get from the realtor can help you do a better job of selling to the next potential buyer.

If you are looking for many more color photos of other homes in the area you will find some very valuable links below.
Chesapeake Condo
Norfolk Condo
Virginia Beach Condo

Eagle Point Cahoon Plantation Chesapeake 55+

Eagle Pointe Cahoon Plantation Chesapeake (55+)

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are looking for a 55 and over space to roost, I have found the perfect place.  Its absolutely everything that a 55+ person could ever dream of.

What better place could you ever want to live than to be in a beautiful home surrounded by the most fantastic golf course imaginable… that is the Cahoon Plantation Golf Course at the beautiful Eagle Pointe.  It is an absolutely magnificent golf course in every way.  Eagle Pointe offers a life style that you can only dream of… many other areas have tried but Eagle Pointe has achieved one of the very best resort style communities that Hampton Roads has to offer.

It has been said many times before that living at Eagle Pointe is without a doubt living life to the very fullest extent that is possible.

The options that are presented to you is almost limitless… its just a matter of deciding just how active you want to be. You can assume a laid back style, or a truly active lifestyle.. either one awaits you at the Eagle POinte resort like atmosphere.

One of the things you will love is the fact that all the maintenance is taken care of for you allowing you more time to live life to the fullest.  And don’t you agree, you have worked hard all your life and you deserve the break that Eagle Pointe will afford you…

The low maintenance style allows you to avoid all the chores that you had at your old place, there will be no need for yard work, painting or gutter cleaning… its all taken care of by someone else… and you don’t even have to pay them when they are done..  wow what a deal!

Without a doubt, Eagle Pointe is well known for the most friendly neighbors in the Nation.  IF you can’t make friends in short order at Eagle Point it certainly will not be the fault of the great residents that are already there.  However if you a quiet uninvolved person then they will allow you to do that also.  Its all your choice and you are gonna love it… I guarantee it!

Eagle Pointe has a fantastic activities director and you will love all the choices that you are afforded and all you have to do is sit back and choose whatever activity that you enjoy the most.  Do you like Broadway shows at the Kennedy Center, how about a fishing trip in the Chesapeake Bay…. and there is so much more to come that you just will not believe what you are offered on a daily basis.

The very highlite of the Eagle Pointe experience is the most elegant and beautiful club that you can imagine… the Bay Club of Eagle Pointe… you will be amazed.. Much more awaits you, so come on board give us a call at Keffer Realty and we will find the dream retirement home that you truly deserve.  Meantime if you want to browse the color photos of units available at Eagle Point feel free to check out the link below.

Eagle Point Cahoon Plantation Chesapeake 55+

Buying A Home in Virginia Beach Va

Buying a Home in Virginia Beach.

Without a doubt, buying a new or slightly used home in the city of Virginia Beach can be both and exciting and a trying experience.  Let me tell you folks… its definitely an adventure to say the least.  Also without a realtors services it can be expensive and confusing.  The nice thing about the use of a realtor, is that it does not cost you a dime to put his years of experience to work for you.  And the nice thing is the seller has agreed to pay his wages while he is free to operate completely in your best interests.  I am especially helpful in representing the needs of buyers here in the Virginia Beach area.

Of course the new home will be the biggest investment that you will ever make and you cannot afford to have it come out anything but perfect.

Start out by checking out all the Virginia Beach homes listed below.  This is a comprehensive list of all the homes that are available in the city of Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Homes For Sale Check out the full color photo list.. we’ll be standing by to assist you in every way possible.

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is an up and coming new community located in the Western Branch area of Chesapeake. With many new homes to choose from, as of December 2011, the choice is yours in Crystal Lakes -many have never even been lived in before. This is your chance to own an affordable brand new home on the lake.

To make the deal sweeter… how about romantic gas fireplaces, luxurious master suites with spa-like master baths, granite and marble surfaces, tile, hardwood and carpeted floors, an oversized pantry in the dreamy kitchen with all of the storage space you could imagine (well, close anyway), and walk-in closets.

Your children will surely enjoy the fabulous yards to play in with their friends, and you will enjoy sitting on your deck or patio watching the children play while you read a juicy book and sip your coffee. Life is grand when you live in Crystal Lake.

So, let’s go take a look at one of these gorgeous new homes! We can meet you there, or we can drive you there, whichever you prefer! We will walk through each one on your list, weigh the pros & cons of each home, and decide which one fits your needs and budget best, then the exciting part – we can write up an offer and get you on your way to owning a fabulous home in the nice new community of Crystal Lake.

Keffer Realty services are always free to buyers. We will be by your side start to finish, and make sure all of your questions are answered professionally and in a timely manner. We will represent you and make sure your best interests are always looked out for, all free of charge to you. We look forward to speaking with you. Call us or email us today! Don’t forget, you can also leave comments under this post, we check all comments and emails daily!


Camelot holds something for everyone, with detached homes and town homes ranging from 950 square feet of living space up to 2700 square feet of living space. The price range of Camelot is just as diverse as the square footage. It won’t be difficult to find a home in Camelot that suits your needs or your budget.

Conveniently located just off  Deep Creek Boulevard and George Washington Highway, the shipyards and military bases are easily accessible. A short distance south on George Washington Highway is Interstate 64, so even if you work in Western Chesapeake, Suffolk, or Virginia Beach, you can arrive to work in a timely manner with time to spare!

The western and northern boarders of the Camelot community are secluded from busy Cavalier Boulevard by a small body of water. Driving down Camelot Boulevard, you will run straight into the water….so, better to turn right or left!

Camelot boasts one and two story homes in traditional and colonial styles. The homes of Camelot are brick and/or vinyl with nice sized yards for children to play. Many of the yards have fenced in back yards, as well as manicured front yards with beautiful flowers in the spring.

If you would like to view one of the many homes on the market in the community of Camelot, please call Keffer Realty. Our agents will assist you with your home search, paperwork, answering questions about inspections and closings, accompany you to closing, and hand you the keys when everything is said and done, at absolutely no charge to you! We look forward to hearing from you today.

Battlefield Commons Condos

Welcome to peaceful Battlefield Commons, a lovely condominium community located in Chesapeake. The condos of Battlefield Commons boast spacious floor plans, attached garages, and convenient attics with pull down stairs for extra storage space.

Battlefield Commons offers two living levels in each condominium with large master bedrooms and two bathrooms – many conveniently have two and a half bathrooms! Relaxing patios and decks adorn the homes of Battlefield Commons in the privacy of fenced in green backyards, perfect for lazy days.

Many of the desirable homes in Battlefield Commons feature romantic gas fireplaces, roomy walk-in closets, fascinating vaulted ceilings, and cozy breakfast areas.

The children of Battlefield Commons attend Oscar Smith High School, Crestwood Middle School, and B. M. Williams Primary School. B. M. Williams Primary encourages parents to visit the school often to see how their children are progressing in school and to work together with the teachers. A healthy breakfast is available to all first and second graders at B. M. Williams. Classes at B. M. Williams are from 7:45am until 2:14 p.m..

If you would like to view one of the spectacular homes in the Battlefield Commons community, please call Keffer Realty today. We would love to open doors for you to purchase your new home. Remember Buyers, there is never a charge to you for our professional services. We promise always look out for your best interest and work extremely hard to get you the best deal possible. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

Bailey’s Creek

The beautiful homes of the Bailey’s Creek community are located just west of the Elizabeth River in the Western Branch area of Chesapeake, backing up to the Bailey Creek surrounded by mature trees. Just minutes from Interstate 664 the lovely community of Bailey’s Creek will allow you to be anywhere in Tidewater in no time at all.

Boasting impeccable traditional homes, the Bailey’s Creek community is the vision of a sought after neighborhood.

Bailey’s Creek is located in the Western Branch High School district of Chesapeake, “Home of the Bruins”. Built in 1962, Western Branch High School has recently undergone a fabulous facelift, as well as added new technology. Two celebrated Alumni of Western Branch High School are Dre Bly of the NFL and the gorgeous Patricia Southall who was Miss Virginia USA in 1993 – former wife of comedian Martin Lawrence and current wife of NFL retiree Emmitt Smith.

Many of the superb homes in Bailey’s Creek offer relaxing sun rooms, spacious decks, and enticing waterfront properties. Imagine your new home in the community of Bailey’s Creek. Wouldn’t Bailey’s Creek be the ideal location for enjoying the great outdoors without living so far out in the country? Evenings on the spacious deck with friends and family, enjoying a cocktail and reminiscing together. Bailey’s Creek could be the community for you.

If you are interested in viewing a property in Bailey’s Creek, please call Keffer Realty. Our agents would be delighted to assist you. We will work hard for you and always look out for your best interest. We will offer our honest professional opinions, but all decisions are yours. Buyers, remember, for you, there is never a charge for our services. We look forward to working with you soon.

Brentwood in Deep Creek

Located in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake, Brentwood is just south of the Portsmouth border -meaning Brentwood is near the local shipyards, as well as a short distance to local military bases.

Brentwood boasts surprisingly affordable homes averaging 1500 square feet of living space. Each home is unique, and the majority of the lovely Brentwood homes are bungalow style brick and vinyl homes.

Brentwood is the perfect community for those just starting out on their own as first time home buyers. It is also a great community for investors to update and resell a home. Although, Buyers, many of the homes in Brentwood have already been updated and renovated. So, from the ideal granite and tiled home with hardwood floors to the fixer-upper, you can find it all in Brentwood.

Many Brentwood homes host lovely fireplaces, ceiling fans, attics with pull-down stairs, master suites, and large spacious back yards. Nice porches for a relaxing break in the rocking chair adorn many of these homes. Built in living room cabinetry is also a find in Brentwood. -And many of the homes have fenced in yards to keep your pets and children safely in your yard where you can keep an eye on them.

The men in your family will surely enjoy a detached garage as a “man cave” or place to work on cars, hang out with friends, store lawn equipment, or make into a workshop. Many Brentwood homes have detached garages, and even if the one you choose does not, the yards are spacious and there is plenty of room to build your own garage and have it designed the way you would like it to be.

Several homes of Brentwood are located on or near the water with bulkheads and small walking piers to Julian’s Creek. Just off of St. Julien’s Road (yes, spelled differently than the creek) is St. Julien’s Creek Annex area. St. Julien’s Creek Annex area is a naval support operation that provides offices, light industrial shops, and storage for local naval bases. Its primary job is to provide a radar testing range and storage for Norfolk Naval Base.

The St. Julien’s Creek Annex began operations in 1849 as an ordnance and material storage facility. In 1898, the facility was equipped for assembling ammunition, and until 1970, supplied ammunition to the fleet in addition to loading, assembling, issuing, and receiving naval gun ammunition, and conducting experimental and test loading for new ammunition.

Around 1970, St. Julien’s Creek was made into an annex for the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, but that didn’t last long. Around 1997, the annex was given to Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and in 1995 to the Naval Base.

Located in the eastern portion of the Brentwood Community is Brentwood Park maintained by Chesapeake Parks and Recreation. The City of Chesapeake has an advisory board to direct the operation of local parks, and a grounds maintenance crew which takes care of the maintenance and beauty of each of the parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields.

Mature trees located on nearly every property in Brentwood Park are home to song birds and squirrels. So, if you are looking to downsize or to be a first time buyer, picture yourself on a spacious front porch of your new home listening to the song birds and watching the squirrels scampering around in the trees! What a relaxing way to spend an evening.

Brentwood children attend Deep Creek High School, Deep Creek Middle School, and G.A. Treakle Elementary. G.A. Treakle Elementary is located at 2500 Gilmerton Road, and takes pride in producing lifelong achievers in their school. G.A. Treakle Elementary is home to pre-school through fifth grade.

Deep Creek Middle School is a fully accredited middle school located 1995 Deal Drive. Deep Creek Middle is home to approximately 470 “Deep Creek Hornets” in grades 6-8. Whereas, Deep Creek High School is home to “Hornets”in grades 9-12. Deep Creek High is located at 2900 Margaret Booker Drive. The Deep Creek school colors are white and purple.

2011 was the 100th anniversary of Deep Creek High School, the school received major building. At the time of the anniversary, the school implemented new technology upgrades, which included a new HVAC system and Smart Boards in all classrooms. Deep Creek High School also houses a Science and Medicine Academy.

As you can see, a lot of history follows the Brentwood community, as well as peace, open spaces, and water access. If you would like to view any of the houses currently on the market in Brentwood so that you can make one of them your home, please call Keffer Realty. We would love to assist you in the buying process of your new Brentwood home, or one in the surrounding community. There is never a cost for Buyers for our services, all fees and commissions are paid by the Seller. Call us today, and we will be glad to meet with you, free of charge, to explain how we work and how the buying process normally goes. We hope that you will like us, and choose a Keffer Realty agent to be your real estate agent. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ahoy Shores ~ Western Branch

Take a left on Airline Boulevard off of Greenwood Drive in Chesapeake, and you will come to peaceful cozy Ahoy Shores.

The established community of Ahoy Shores offers nice yards for children to play. Most of the lovely homes have fenced in back yards to keep your precious pets safely at home, and the community is not a high traffic area.

With friendly neighbors, Ahoy Shores is a great community for first time buyers. The affordable homes, which are on a smaller scale of approximately 1000 square feet of comfortable living space, offer a first time home buyer a nice home to start out, with an affordable mortgage, and the opportunity to design your home the way you would like it designed.

Many homes in Ahoy Shores have been updated with today’s materials and tastes in mind such as granite, tile, and wood floors. However, some have not yet been remodeled leaving way for first time home buyers to get a special deal, and for investors to be able to fix up a cozy home for renters or to flip for a profit.

The average home in Ahoy Shores features three lovely bedrooms, one bathroom, an adorable kitchen, living room, and laundry area. Many homes have detached garages for storage of your lawn equipment, car, or miscellaneous items you may need the extra space for.

Ahoy Shores is located in Chesapeake’s Western Branch High School district. Western Branch, established in 1968, is home to the “Bruins” who won this year’s AAA Wachovia cup. The AAA Wachovia cup is awarded to schools who have achieved the best overall record in VHSL state-level competition in 27 sports. Western Branch High School offers an informative website for student, faculty, and parents. Western Branch has several notable alumni including, Patricia Southall, who is a former Miss Virginia winner and wife of Emmitt Smith of the NFL.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, an investor, or someone who just loves the community and area, call Keffer Realty. We would love to show you a home in Ahoy Shores! We will come to you for all meetings, walk you through the buying process, hand you the keys, and do it all at no charge. We look forward to working with you!

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