2317 Santa Fe Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 (MLS # 1329524)

2317 Santa Fe Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 (MLS # 1329524)

Virginia Beach Real Estate
PRICE: $689,900
BATHS: 3 full
SIZE: 4,449 sqft

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Custom Lakefront Home Beautifully Lndscpd & Ready For Move In. Very Priv Bkyd, Solar Htd Pool, Stamped Concrete & Flagstone, Gazebo W/8 Person Hot Tub. Open Flr Plan W/10′ X 12′ Tray Ceilings, Hdwd Floors Thruout, Kit W/Merilatt Cust Cab, Granite, Dbl Ovens,Kitchenaid Cktop, Mst Fp, Nest Thermostats Call Tom at 757-587-9856 for For More Details.
For full color details and lots of photos click here.
Listed with The Real Estate Group


3036 Beaden Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 (MLS # 1328881)

3036 Beaden Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 (MLS # 1328881)

Virginia Beach Real Estate
PRICE: $319,900
BATHS: 2 full, 1 half
SIZE: 2,617 sqft

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Beautiful 5 Bedroom 2.5 Bath 2 Story Transitional In Lovely Tree-Lined Courthouse Estates! Complete With Formal Living Room, Formal Dining Room, Family Room With Cozy Fireplace, Spacious Kitchen With Breakfast Nook, Master Bedroom With Charming Master Bath, Large Attached Garage & More! Call Tom at 757-587-9856 for For More Details.
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Listed with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc


1944 Clifton Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23457 (MLS # 1328969)

1944 Clifton Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23457 (MLS # 1328969)


Virginia Beach Real Estate
PRICE: $409,700
BATHS: 3 full
SIZE: 3,168 sqft

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Beautiful Home In Munden Beach. Renovated Throughout In 2007. Extra Large Detached 2 Car Garage & Boat Or Camper Carport. Sit Outside On The Wrap Around Porch Overlooking The Water Or Sit Around The New Fire Pit That Has Built-In Seating Or Play Golf On The Putting Green. Many Extras. Call Tom at 757-587-9856 for For More Details.
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Listed with Shaffer Realty LLC


Kempsville High School Homes Nearby

Kempsville High School homes nearby (live in the Kempsville High School District)

It was a great time back in 1924 when Kempsville High School opened its doors for the very first time and began a long history of teaching students. There are 10 other public high schools in the Virginia Beach public school system. Kempsville High School teaches the grades from nine to twelve (9 thru 12) since the beginning way back in 1924. Believe me that was a long time ago.

The actual school district covers a little more than 12 square miles and is a huge complex.  Most of the students from Kempsville Middle School and Larkspur Middle school end up doing their high school criteria here at Kempsville High School.

Currently the day is broken up into 4 class periods of 93 minutes for each class.  Even to this day the original building and the adjacent gymnasium still stand.  The building currently used for Kempsville High School was completed in 1966 and is the third building called Kempsville High school since its beginning in 1924.

If you are interested in having your children enrolled in one of the Very best High schools in Virginia, please review the link below that has all the homes for sale in the Kempsville High School district.  In most cases anyone living in one of these homes will be assigned to the Kempsville High School. However it is recommended that you check with the school to be sure, since school districts are modifed from time to time.

Homes Located Near Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach

Buying A Home in Virginia Beach Va

Buying a Home in Virginia Beach.

Without a doubt, buying a new or slightly used home in the city of Virginia Beach can be both and exciting and a trying experience.  Let me tell you folks… its definitely an adventure to say the least.  Also without a realtors services it can be expensive and confusing.  The nice thing about the use of a realtor, is that it does not cost you a dime to put his years of experience to work for you.  And the nice thing is the seller has agreed to pay his wages while he is free to operate completely in your best interests.  I am especially helpful in representing the needs of buyers here in the Virginia Beach area.

Of course the new home will be the biggest investment that you will ever make and you cannot afford to have it come out anything but perfect.

Start out by checking out all the Virginia Beach homes listed below.  This is a comprehensive list of all the homes that are available in the city of Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Homes For Sale Check out the full color photo list.. we’ll be standing by to assist you in every way possible.

55+ Adult Community West Neck Virginia Beach

Welcome to 55+ Over Adult Community…

Are you getting ready to retire and want to find that one home that you will be able to spend the rest of you days in peace.  Well you have come to the right place, West Neck in Virginia Beach is a retirement haven.  It has just about any ammenity that your little heart may desire.  The Villages @ West Neck is definitely a glorious retirement community just waiting for your arrival.

The Villages at West Neck consists of eight Villages built around an Arnold Palmer championship golf course, The Signature at West Neck. Six of the eight Villages contain only single family detached homes and the other two villages are mostly condos and such.

The only Village that is not completely built out at this point is Rosecrest which is in progress and is being built by Chesapeake Homes.  When finised completely, the total single family homes will be a little over 500 and more than 400 condominium units.  The total residents for the Villages will be in the approximate number of 1500 to 1600 folks in the community.

The Villages community is located near the Municipal Center in Virginia Beach, not far from the junction of West Neck Road and the Princess Anne Section of Virginia Beach.

Dick Foster who is the developer of the Villages at West Neck envisioned a senior community with beautiful golf course views and even further beautified with a show case of a fourteen lakes golf community.

The entrance is by far one of the most expensive and beautiful entrances at the Main gate.

The Clubhouse adjacent to the golf course has the same fine details that were given to the main entrance.. that is second to none.

As you drive thru the villages, you cannot help but notice the care with which the property owners maintain their homes to the letter of the T.

To view color photos of all of the 55 + adult communities,  visit .

Rent To Own and Lease To Own

Rent to Own… a different kind of animal.

When the term “rent to own” pops up, it’s not always clear what it means, and that’s partially because renting to own and the similar plan lease/option can work numerous ways.

What can possibly be more confusing that “Rent To Own”?  If you ask a hundred folks what is meant by rent to own, you will get back 150 different meanings.

Let’s hope that I can put some of this confusion to bed right now. I am a landlord now for many years and have seen just about every possible type of renter.

Many are hard working folks just looking for a place to lay their head. However in some cases the person is just simply out to scam the landlord.  A good credit check with references and a good rental history can lay this to rest. It’s extremely unlikely that someone with a good credit record and a good rental history will scam you. But keep in mind it does happen… I have seen it all in some rare cases, the tenant will set up references such as family and friends to vouch for them.  One good way to divert a situation like this would be to look up the voucher’s name in the city records for the property that the tenant claims to have rented from them. If its a fraud, then the city record will show that the person vouching for the tenant does not own the property that they claim to have rented to your potential tenant.  A big red flag!

But let’s get back to the reason for this post…. that of turning a rental property into a Lease to own or rent to own.

In a simple scenario, the tenant will be allowed to rent for a set period of time in many cases the time period will be set for one year.  At the end of the year, the tenant is given the option to purchase or in some cases when credit problems have not been cleared up.. they may be given another year to be able to purchase the house.  Don’t get caught short, make sure your lease to own agreement specifically details what is to happen at the end of the year in the instance that the tenant cannot purchase the home.

Be sure to try to get some portion of the closing costs included in the package when the sale actually does occur.  For example let’s say you pay $1,000.00 down for the right to purchase in one year, and your monthly rent is $900 each month.  You might negotiate that for each month that the payment was made on time, $100 of the rent money will be kept in escrow and applied to your closing costs when you actually do close the deal.  Of course if you never close then the $1,200 accumulated in escrow will go to the landlord at the termination of the deal.  This is why it is so  very important to negotiate up front what will happen in case your cannot close at the scheduled time at the end of the year.  For example you could agree to pay an additional $500.00 for the option to continue the lease to own for an additional year.  That way you will not lose the $1,200 that you have accumulated and at the end of the following year you will then have $2,400 in the escrow account,  Make sure all this is in writing, as its very difficult for a judge to determine the truth when you just have a lot of he said… she said…

A very common agreement is that the tenant is given a lease to own when they put down 3% of the pre determined sales price.  This down payment will be non refundable if the lease to own fails to go to closig and it is not the fault of the landlord.  Keep in mind, that with this type of agreement the tenant is not bound to purchase the home at the end of the designated time period, however if they fail to close then they may lose their entire or parial down
payment.  Make sure exactly what the tenant will lose is clearly pointed out in writing.  Don’t leave any room for guessing what was meant at the time of the deal.

The lease to own can be very appealing to anyone with little or no saving which would otherwise allow them to make the downpayment required to purchase the home.  Additionally it gives the tenant a whole year to clear up any negative credit reports that may be on the tenant’s records.  Also if the lender can then inspect the rental records and see that this tenant has made all 12 payments on time and without fail… automatically increases the strength of the tenant when he goes to apply for the loan.

If you are interested in purchasing rather than renting then check out the links below to all the homes for sale in the Hampton Roads area.





Virginia Beach Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is without a doubt a  First Impression:

Similar to a friendship, we make first impressions of our friends and neighbors and sometimes the decision to like or not like what we see is made in a split second… whether its friends, or evaluating that dream home.  Its just not fair t make a decision by looking at the cover.  Sometimes we miss out on the very best dream home, but turning it down based on first impressions.

Now don’t mistake this, t he first impression is a very important point no matter whether you are a seller trying to get top dollar or a buyer trying to get away with a low ball offer.

Since curb appeal has a major effect on buyers we need to make every effort to make sure their first opinion is a good one.  If not it can hurt the wallet real bad.

So bottom line, we must keep the home tidy from beginning to end.  When the potential buyer first pulls up we need to be ready.  This readiness takes a lot of time and attention to detail but it is a very important point.

When the place on a casual look suggests that it is not cared for then the potential home owner suspects that many other routine maintenance items may also be going by the wayside.  This makes them look harder to find other things.  While a well kept home cuts down on the depth of inspection that the buyer will be giving you..  With a cared for home, you may get a once over… but mark my words if the home looks to be lacking in TLC the buyers will be going over it with a fine tooth comb.

Worse yet, they may just continue driving and you never get that chance for a second impression.

There are many things you can do to keep the home in tip top shape and improve the look of its curb appeal.

1. In my opinion, one of the first things a buyer looks at… following the yard is the condition of the gutters, are they full of leaves… are they falling down, are they in bad need of paint.  A nice cleaning of the gutters can do wonders for the overall curb appeal.

2. Watch out for wood rot.. this will worry them a lot, about what is the condition of the wood in areas we cannot see.  So be sure to quickly take care of any rotten wood and make sure the repair is professional looking.

3. If you have a fence make sure it is in good repair.  Either fix it up and paint it or get rid of it.

4. Do a complete touch up on all exterior pain, doors and window trim.

5. Make sure the trash container is not visible from the road and if it has an odor take care of it in short order.

A good agent will do a good inspection for you and offer suggestions which you really should heed as its for your benefit.

IF you are interested in browsing homes for sale, feel free to say on my website as long as you like.  My search engine is very friendly and is able to search daily for you and send you all the new homes coming on the market in you email each day… you can set it and forget it and be sure that you will never fail to be alerted when any new home enters the market in your neighborhood….  Below is a few homes that I have picked out for you that just came on the market today…. check them out..

Short Sales in Virginia Beach, Va

While short sales are becoming more and more common, and lenders are overwhelmed with foreclosures, it’s still far from a slam-dunk in getting one through the process.

Today we are seeing increasing short sales in every part of the Nation.  Especially here in the Hampton Roads area, including Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virgina Beach, Suffolk, Portmouth, Hampton and Newport News.  Not a single day goes by that you don’t read another article about short sales and foreclosures in our lovely Hampton Roads Network.  Here at Kefffer Realty, we specialize in the expertise and fine art of the short sale along with the foreclosure processes.  I say fine art, since without the meticulous and hard work of a short sale or forclosure expert, the process could turn out to be a long and dreadful experience.  Here at Keffer Realty, we make sure that you are with us every step of they way.  We have several videos that describe the process for start to finish.  A NON short sale expert as many agents are… can get you into a law suit that never ends.

For all of your Chesapeake Short Sale Needs please visit Chesapeake Short Sales.

That never happens to us here at Keffer Realty, as we have been over every bump in the road and then some.  It really helps to have experience when the going gets rough.  Can you imagine having a brain surgeon work on your brain for the very first time… you will hear a lot of UT oh… shouldn’t have cut that and oops… i won’t do that again.  That is never a problem with the Keffer team, as we have been there and done that and we never cut the wrong thing anymore. As a matter of fact we never allow the trainee to experiment with you in any area.

If anyone of our agents is new in the particular area of expertise, we carefully monitor him or her every step of the way.  That way you are never in the hands of a neophyte real estate agent.  We value you and we value your business.  We just cannot afford to have anyone out there bad mouthing our business.

As I mentioned earlier, the huge quantity of short sales and foreclosures out there are just simply overwhelming.  One thing for sure, none of them are a slam dunk… its simply hard work and determination all the way.

Below I will provide several important tips to consider when we handle a short sale for the seller and when we handle the short sale for the buyer.
Many of the tips are similar, however we stress the particular importance to the seller or buyer depending on which one we represent.

For all your Norfolk Short Sale Needs please visit Norfolk Short Sales.

Even as experienced short salers and foreclosure experts, we must continually study to keep up with all the changes as they occur.  It not unusual for some of the procedures to change between the last time you did a short sale and the next one… and that makes every day a challenge… and a danger of a pitfall that could get the unsuspecting seller or buyer in deep trouble.  Not to worry, in the hands of a Keffer Realty Short Sale expert that will never happen.

When beginning the Short Sale process, one of the very first things you will want to do is get a hold of any Lender Short Sale Forms… study them from front to back to ensure that nothing it the forms is illegal and second to make sure you do not overlook an important facet that could delay the short sale unnecessarly.  Remember here at Keffer Realty we pride ourselves on always keeping on top of the Short Sale and Foreclosure process.

Its important that the agent become very knowledgable about the time line of all the forms, as not only is it important, but we want to maintain our reputation as the Top short sale and forclosure experts in the area and beating all the Lender time lines will make them send us future referrals.

Pay particular attention to where the seller is in the payment process, just exactly how many payments are they behind.  The closer they are to current will make the lender more likely to accept the offer… since the lender tenda to lose less in the overall process.

It is important to be on top of the actual type of loan that the seller is dealing with… is he into a FHA, VA, Conventional  or just exactly what is his loan, as each type of loan have totally different rules for the processing of the short sale.  Be totally aware of all the details.

For all your Short Sale Needs in Virginia Beach, please visit Virginia Beach Short Sales.

Short Sales:
Quiz the seller about any leins on the home, as the seller may forget that he recently took out a loan on the house just a few weeks ago. Sometimes it slips their mind accidentally, and sometimes they just dont’ tell you about the situation afaid to make the situation worse…. believe me, if there is something you do not know about it will make the situation much worse… stress this need to be forth coming about everything to the selller… Its easier to deal with the problem up front than on the back end when ready to close.

Elizabeth River Shores

Elizabeth River Shores offers a prime location for homeowners. Just off of Military Highway in Virginia Beach with easy access to the interstates, Elizabeth River Shores is an affordable community of established brick ranch style homes.

First time home buyers can feel confident knowing they have made a great choice by purchasing a comfortable home in Elizabeth Shores. Each home features the perfect amount of space for someone just starting out on their own. Each lovely home features an average of three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms, plus an eat-in kitchen, and cozy family room. Many of the Elizabeth River Shores homes feature attached garages, although some have been converted into additional living space.

Elizabeth River Shores is an older community with many homes that may need some interior updating, although some have already been completed. Why not save the extra money on buying a brand new home in another community, and then use some of the funds to transform one of these beautiful homes into the house of your dreams? You may still end up with a lot more money left over in the end for the “extras” like a surround sound in the living room, or a maybe even an addition on the house. You never know what you can do, until you crunch those numbers and get creative!

The children of Elizabeth River Shores attend Woodstock Elementary, Kempsville Middle School, and the state of the art Tallwood High School located on Kempsville Road between Indian River Road and Centerville Turnpike North.

There are plenty of things to do in the Elizabeth River Shores area. Just up Military Highway, you will find Military Circle Mall, JANAF shopping center, and a wide variety of fast food and sit-down restaurants. Two movie theaters are located in the Military Circle area too!

The backside of Elizabeth River Shores offers a view of the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River, hence the name of the community.

If you would like to view a home in Elizabeth River Shores or the surrounding community, please call Keffer Realty! We would love to assist you in your home buying adventure. We will walk you through the whole process, answering all of your questions start to finish, and be sure you get the best deal possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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