Mortgage Lenders

When purchasing a new home or property, most sellers now-a-days require a letter from your lender stating that you are pre-qualified for the amount you are offering on a property. (If you are paying cash, they will want a letter from your bank advising that the funds are available.) When choosing a mortgage lender, talk with friends and family to see if they have someone they have worked well with in the past. Also, your real estate agent should be able to give you a few names to choose from. Communication is key, and you want a lender who communicates well with you. You also want to work with a lender whose financial institution offers a program that suits your needs.

Bryan P. Martin
Certified Mortgage Loan Officer
Branch Banking & Trust ( BB&T)
757-437-3783 phone
757-422-6089 fax

***Additional Motgage Lender Names Coming Soon!

*If you have any questions or comments concerning the lender(s) listed above, please go to the main referral page & submit your questions via our website. Please note, although it will appear on your screen that your comment has been posted directly to our site, it has not. All comments are read & approved before they are visible to the public. You may request that your comment not be visible to the public. We will answer your questions privately, if requested.
**We do not guarantee, warrant, or represent the lender’s services, or their financial institution…. Lenders do not pay to be on this site. These are simply people we have done business with in the past. We receive no compensation for names listed on our site. Who you choose to do business with is completely up to you.


**This communication is provided to you for informational purposes only. Keffer Realty is not a mortgage lender. You should contact your lender directly to learn more about mortgage products and your eligibility for such products.

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