Roofing Contractors

Tearing down an old roof, or tearing off old shingles, is a hard laborious job. The pros make it look so simple sliding their spade across the roof, making the shingles appear to pop off so simply. The truth is, it isn’t an easy job, and it isn’t a safe job. Anytime you are on a roof, you are in danger. If you are performing a job that you have never done before, or haven’t done in 15 years since you replaced your last roof, it may be better to let the pros handle it. Besides, chances are the pros will get the job done twice as fast, and without any accidents.




*If you have any questions or comments concerning the contractor(s) listed above, please go to the main referral page & submit your questions via our website. Please note, although it will appear on your screen that your comment has been posted directly to our site, it has not. All comments are read & approved before they are visible to the public. You may request that your comment not be visible to the public. We will answer your questions privately, if requested.

**We do not guarantee, warrant, or represent the contractor, or their workmanship. These are just folks we have used in the past, and we are not compensated in any way for providing names. Who you choose to work with is your decisions.

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