Septic Systems

In this modern age, many people do not have septic tanks any longer. However, there are areas where city sewage is not available and people do rely on septic tanks. In fact, nearly 26% of Americans rely on septic systems alone, and have no connection to city sewage. In essence, a septic system is a small sewage treatment system, and decomposes waste material.

Preventative maintenance is required for your septic system. Use of enzymes to help break down sewage is sometimes recommended. Occasionally, you will have to have your septic tank pumped out. This can range from $300-$500 normally. You want to take care not to let items that can not bio-degrade into your septic system by flushing them or letting them go down your drains. Items like baby wipes, hair, oil, or grease. Excessive water going through the system can also cause issues, as can excessive rainfall or rapid melting high volumes of snow.

Most septic contractors can replace systems as well as pump out your system when needed.

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