Property Management

IF you are looking for a list of properties to rent click here.

There are three good reasons to rent your property

1. 1) Investment… We own several properties and manage several hundred for other folks. This
is not a get rich-quick business owning properties, and the toilets never clog – except on
weekends and Christmas – but in the long term holding real estate builds wealth.

2) Leaving the area… You’re leaving the area for a few years but would like to come back to
the house and community you love…I did that myself, moving to Richmond three years in the
’80′s, kept our Chesapeake house, came back to it, glad we did.

3) Would like to sell…can’t… You’d really like to sell but the market stinks right now. Rent it
for a couple of years letting it support itself while your mortgage drops and the market improves.

Rental Management Program

Communication, Communication, Communication

It’s your property. You should know what’s going on with it. You are as involved as you wish
and have access to an on-line portal where you can see tenant’s statements/payments, notes and
phone call records, repairs and maintenance issues, your activity to date.

How long will it take to rent your property?

Our average rental time for new, vacant properties is 28 days.

How do we do it?

We list and advertise the property on the local MLS and all major real estate web sites plus the
military’s inter-service referral network and Craigslist. Your property will be advertised on 90+
websites! When an applicant arrives, we show the home, we run a credit check and call the
previous landlord, forwarding all that information to you and making a recommendation. You
make the decision whether this is the person to rent your property or not.


Rent is due on the first and funds typically arrive in your bank no later than the 5th. We also pay
any repair or service bills from rent proceeds that you wish us to pay.


Every owner handles repairs and maintenance differently and we accommodate your wishes. In
all non-emergencies we contact you with tenant requests/complaints and arrive at a mutually
agreeable solution. We will use your repair folks or our own, whom we’ve mostly known for
decades and would trust with the keys to my house. We handle all 1099′s to contractors, and will
send you detailed reports monthly.


Your property is given a written/photo inspection before a tenant moves in. Another inspection
is done approximately three months after the tenant takes residence and annually thereafter with a
move-out inspection with photos when they leave.


If you are an investor looking to add to your portfolio then we can be of assistance for we’ve
been buying, renting, flipping and investing in real estate for the past 30 years. Let us know what
you’re looking for and we’ll find it, walk it together and give you the benefit of our experience,
whether we manage it or not.


The first thing an astute investor asks…”how much?” We charge 10% of rents collected. Period, that’s
it.  If (God forbid) there are late fees paid we split those with you 50/50. Nothing more, nada, ever.
If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

Call me…Alan Keffer…757-560-6564


IF you are looking for a list of properties to rent click here.

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